All come with complete reports and photos are provided and audio and video footage can be supplied on request to ensure compliance.

Standard Affidavits for State, Federal, County Courts are on file, but we can also complete customized ones which will need to be provided. 


The recovery of assets has always been a problem for many firms. It has become increasingly difficult with the changes to legislation, Consumer Credit Code, Trade Practices Act and Privacy Legislation to name a few.

Because of these continually changing laws and regulations, it has become paramount that when you, as the financier, are left with no other option than to repossess an asset, you need to be absolutely sure that the people you instruct and trust to recover your goods know their limits, exact rolls and responsibilities.


Field Calls.
ABC utilises its network of highly skilled and experienced field officers to assist in the recovery of your debt.
Our services include:
- Making personal visits to defaulting customers or businesses
- Conducting interviews and making discreet inquiries
All field officers are authorised, and have local knowledge and share in ABC's business philosophies.

Information is delivered by field officers with a balance of sensitivity and assertiveness. Our main aim is to always ensure that our client's relationship with their defaulting customer is not jeopardised.

ABC's field services may be employed separately, or as part of our total debt recovery service.

Recoveries made easy 

Skip Tracing
Skip tracing is a core activity at ABC and involves conducting searches and investigations in order to successfully locate debtors or defendants that cannot be contacted or who appear to have gone missing. 

ABC's accomplished skip tracing professionals are experienced, skilled, lateral thinkers utilising computer based data interrogation, research and retrieval to investigate every avenue and lead available within the legal guidelines in order to undertake an effective and compliant skip tracing service. 

ABC Debt Services