Recoveries made easy 

ABC Debt Services

Field Calls
Face-to-face interviews with your customers/debtors: to confirm personal information such as address, telephone numbers, email address, employment information, assess current financial situation and ability to pay, educate the importance of addressing the issue.

Pre-purchase inspections to ensure that an asset that is be purchased/used as security is legitimate and that all identifiers are correct

Intelligence gathering such as obtaining information for insurance claims or to assist with enforcement of a judgment

Occupancy checks: to establish if a person is still residing at an address

Completion of forms: such as direct debit, hardship.

Property Repoessessions

We can also act as representatives of a bank or financier to secure residential and commercial property following an eviction by a Sheriff. Our network of accredited locksmiths and tradespersons ensure that the property is adequately secured and new keys provided in a timely fashion. 

Digital photographs, an inspection report and inventory of any remaining personal items are also obtained.

Deceased Estates

Our process is to secure properties, source appraisals & valuations, carry out cleaning and repairs to property, management agent for marketing of the property and representing the clients on sale day. All our actions and updated on our secure web portal and our clients receive real time up dates. Our web portal also offers extensive reporting for our clients



​​This is a specialised field, requiring the services of a very particular type of agent.

ABC Debt Services has staff who undertake this kind of work with compassion but who also remain mindful of the need to gain a positive result, for both the finance company and the debtor

Our fully certified agents are available to repossess all types of assets including but not limited to motor vehicles, watercraft, machinery and equipment of all sizes, throughout Victoria and Australia.

All instructions are attended to in a timely fashion with electronic updates including digital photographs and inspection reports provided via our online reporting portal and/or email. 

Our network of accredited towing operators and auctioneers add value to the service we provide and ensure that your instructions are carried out in a professional and compliant manner, from start to finish. It allows us to provide a cost-effective service, reliability, risk reduction and reliability